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NFL Kicker Reveals The Three Things Anyone Can Do To Be Successful

josh lambo jumping in the air celebration

“The only reason you can’t do something is because you’re telling yourself you can’t.”

When Josh Lambo’s grandfather immigrated to the United States, his last name was changed to Lambo — making him the first of their family with that name. When Josh’s grandfather died, he promised him that the world would know it.

And, as the Jacksonville Jaguar kicker, millions of people have seen that name on the back of his jersey. He’s made good on his promise.

Josh lives his life with that feeling of responsibility. He said, “Life on the move for me is getting the most out of life with the situation I’m in.”

Here are Josh Lambo’s three tips for making the most out of life and being successful in whatever you do:

Choose to adapt

Josh Lambo was the youngest goalkeeper ever drafted at the time. However, seven minutes into his first game, he broke his jaw. After recovering, the team had a new coach. This coach didn’t put Josh on the field. With the way things were panning out, Josh realized soccer might not be the right avenue for him anymore. He planned to get a bachelor’s degree to qualify him for a “big boy job.” However, his mom recommended he learn to kick football.

Even though he had trained to play soccer, Josh adapted, leading him to play in the NFL.

Average is boring

Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one” and clearly this is a mantra Josh Lambo lives by. He said, “There’s only 32 people in the globe with my job and I don’t want to just be one of those guys, I want to be the best at it.” He believes that no matter what you’re doing, from being a dentist to an NFL player, you should strive to be the best in that career. In other words, “Average is boring for me. I don’t want to ever just be average.”

Tell yourself this mantra

Josh said, “I defied all the odds getting to the NFL.” He believes that he was able to accomplish that goal by working hard, relying on the support of the people around him, and believing in himself.

Josh wants everyone to believe they can accomplish their dream. He loves the opportunity that football gives him to influence others, especially young people. He always tells them: “The only reason you can’t do something is because you’re telling yourself you can’t.”